||  Design and Engineering 

        ??o mark out????What our engineer marks out? It is the lighting fixture that combines elegant shape, practical function, latest LED technology; it is marked out by means of designer??  understanding on lighting, structural, mechanical and LED trends. Our engineer works closely with designer to computerize and optimize the concept, to ensure it will be mass produced and easy to be practical used. 

||  Lab & Development

        ??o Test and Develop?? Now we have all kinds of equipment to test products, this is the important for us to develop new products and make sure the quality. we have intergrating  sphere, goniophotometric system to determine luminous flux, Color temperature and electricity factors of the luminaries with electric light source. Measure  photometric parameters of luminaries of all kinds of light. 

||  CNC Factory 

        In the numerical control milling workshop, we have 8 sets of equipments for aluminum casting parts, die casting and further polishing processing. 

Will be ready to machining parts on special device, start the machine, according to the original design program for processing. Thanks to precise calibration equipment, we can produce very sophisticated products. 

||  Assembly Workshop 

        ??o make qualified?? Now we have all qualified components assembled, this is the crucial process for the finished lighting fixtures, we have standard assembly line to proceed this process, during the process, we inspect the functional quality, cosmetic quality, electrical quality, packing quality. 

||  Aging line 

        ??o test finished??over current impact aging is also an aging method that is used  by the manufacturer to the latest through the use of adjustable frequency, current adjustable constant current source for such aging, in order to judge the quality of the LED in a short time, life expectancy and can pick a lot of normal aging can't pick out the hidden trouble of LED. Effective prevention of LED products in the individual leds shoddyd